Vasectomy – The Positives

So, you’re in the processing of deciding whether or not to get a vasectomy. Whether it was your idea or your partners, it can be a daunting decision. You’ve probably asked yourself all the common questions, what does this say about me? Do I really want to go through with it? What does this mean for my manhood? These are common questions and it’s very common to have doubts when undergoing any sort of elective procedure. The best things to focus on though, both in the decision-making process and in the lead up to your vasectomy procedure, are the positives. There genuinely are so many positives to this procedure.

Reaping the benefits of undergoing a vasectomy is easy, as there are so many. It can be a game changer in many ways and many men walk away asking, ‘Why didn’t I get this done sooner?’

Some of the many vasectomy pluses are;

  • It’s a quick simple surgery
  • It’s minimally invasive
  • It only requires local anaesthetic
  • Recovery is fast
  • It’s less invasive than female sterilization
  • Sexual function is not inhibited
  • It has a high rate in pregnancy prevention
  • And the procedure can be reversed if required

On top of these benefits, vasectomy also gives you the opportunity to take the burden of birth control away from the lady in your life. Something she will likely be very grateful for.

If you are still in the process of deciding and would like more information on vasectomy procedures and their intricacies, book an appointment with Dr Mark Elvy at Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic today. Dr Elvy has performed over 5000 no scalpel open ended Vasectomies with excellent patient satisfaction. He has a dedicated operating theatre, no referrals are necessary, no fasting is required and Dr Elvy operates on Fridays for patient convenience.