Deciding whether or not you should have a vasectomy isn’t just about researching the positives. As with any elective procedure, it’s important to understand both the positives and the negatives so that you can make a fully informed decision with no surprises.

The topic usually arises when a couple decides that they don’t want to have children or that they don’t want to continue growing their family. If both you and your partner agree that a vasectomy would be beneficial to your current situation, then you’re off to a good start.

Figuring out if it is right for you is the next step. Although the procedure is quite straight forward and generally involves minimal complications, it’s not necessarily a solution that suits everyone. Making sure you’re certain it’s the road you want to go down is important.

When making your decision consider the following;

  • Undergoing a vasectomy procedure will mean you can no longer conceive children
  • Although the procedure can be reversed, vasectomy reversal can be very expensive and complicated
  • If you and your partner are tired of using birth control, having a vasectomy is an excellent contraceptive solution

While exploring the possibilities of vasectomy, try not to just focus on the fact that condom use will be a thing of the past. Although it is a huge benefit in the bedroom you should also contemplate questions like, ‘what if I change my mind about having kids?’ and ‘what does the procedure actually involve?’

Regardless of your decision, the team at Sydney Vasectomy are here to help. Dr Mark Elvy has performed over 5000 no scalpel open ended vasectomies with excellent patient satisfaction and is highly respected in his field.

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