There are two aspects to Varicose Veins in pregnancy. The first occurs where don’t have varicose veins before they fall pregnant. In this case a combination of the pressure exerted by the pregnant uterus on the great veins in the abdomen causes the pressure in the leg veins to increase and frequently damages the valves within the superficial veins causing them to become varicose veins. A small percentage of these varicose veins can return to normal after the pregnancy but the majority do not. In this case the Varicose Veins may become larger and more painful in the years after the pregnancy.

The second aspect occurs where there were Varicose Veins present before pregnancy. In this case the pressure caused by the pregnant uterus compressing the abdominal veins causes the Varicose Veins to become much larger, and more painful. Once this has occurred it is very unlikely that they will regress after delivery. For this reason it is now quite a good idea to treat existing Varicose Veins before you plan a pregnancy. Now that surgery is no longer the only option, less invasive ultrasound based treatments are useful in this situation. For example Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Ablation.