Have you dieted and exercised, but there are still stubborn areas of fat that will not go away? Liposculpture can remove unwanted fatty deposits from stubborn areas.

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture procedure is a refinement of the technique of liposuction and can essentially sculpt the body to improve a person’s size and shape.

The procedure is designed for body contouring and not for obesity. It is a day only procedure and does not require hospitalisation. The liposculpture procedure at our Sydney clinic is performed using the tumescent technique where local anaesthetic is used to numb the fat being removed and overlying skin. The tumescent anaesthetic solution also vastly reduces the amount of bruising after the procedure.  A light sedation is also provided. Micro- cannulas are then used to remove the unwanted fat under the skin and the area can be sculpted into the desired shape.

Men and women store fat in different places on the body. Common areas for male liposculpture are the abdomen area and love handles on the back.

Liposcultpure for men

Men can also have male breast reduction, often referred to as “man boobs” using this technique. Male breasts are called gynecomastia which is when fat is laid down in the breast tissue and gives the impression the man has woman’s breasts. Men can find this very embarrassing and it can decrease their confidence. Liposculpture can remove the fat and excess breast tissue to produce a flat male chest.

Liposcultpure for women

Common areas for women are the abdomen and waist area. Fat can be removed from the abdomen, hips, remove muffins top fat and sculpture a waist giving a smooth contoured outline. Treatment of inner and outer thighs, knees, calves and ankles can sculpt the legs to give a more even shape. The rubbing together of the inner thighs is a frequent complaint.  Bra area and back liposculpture can remove the fat outline in clothing where the bra sits, while the arms and axilla regions can help with wobbly underarms. Breast reduction can also be done with liposculpture. Fat is removed from the breasts and the natural breast ligaments can lift the breast as they are not as heavy. Breasts can also be different sizes on the same person. More fat can be removed from one side to make both breasts look symmetrical.

Both men and women commonly have the neck and chin liposculpture. Removing the fat under the chin can take years off the face. The “turkey” neck fat can be removed so the weight of the fat doesn’t cause the hanging effect under the chin. This area can be sculpted so the chin and neck have a smoother, youthful appearance.

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