The weight loss business is a powerful industry with seemingly endless options; cross training, spin, boot camp, yoga, Pilates, boxing, beach fit, dance fit, paleo diets, GAP and FODMAP diets, ketogenic diets, the apple cider vinegar diet, detox programs… The list goes on. Whichever method you choose, if you have lost weight as a result of hard work and determination, you will know all about the afore mentioned, sometimes overwhelming, list of options.

What many people don’t realise, however, is if after they go to all the effort of losing weight, they are unfortunately left with areas of fatty deposits that will not budge no matter what they do, there is a very appealing solution.

Some people are happy to live with unwanted fat deposits that can’t be moved by diet and exercise. For those of us not so keen on going through the hard yards, only to be left with portions of fat so stubborn they give the mother-in-law a run for her money, liposculpture could well be the solution they have been searching for.

As the name suggests, liposculpture is a “cosmetic surgical operation in which the shape of the body is altered by the removal, by suction, of excess body fat.” It is considered the leading method for permanent, localised body contouring, as a relatively minor removal of tissue can lead to a dramatic improvement in the body’s shape and contour.

It is essentially, a more refined version of conventional liposuction and carries benefits like;

  • No requirement for general anaesthetic
  • Minimal bleeding and bruising
  • Short recovery time
  • No stitches
  • No hospital stay
  • More refined results (as patient can stand towards the end of the procedure and adjustments can be made); and
  • A lower cost when compared with other procedures like liposuction.

So, if you’ve dragged yourself to the gym for months or even years, you’ve dieted, lived healthily and exercised endlessly, only to have the same pockets of fat still sit there ‘looking at you’ in defiance, it’s time you saw the team at Be Sculptured.

Whether you need stomach liposculpture, breast liposculpture, face, thigh, calf, flank or abdomen liposculpture, speak to Dr Meaghan Heckenberg and the team of experts at Be Sculptured at Crow’s Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, today!

They’ll help you become the ‘gold standard’ version of yourself you long to be!