Breasts are a wonderful part of the female body. They feed and nourish babies, they are useful and of course, they are considered very attractive to many. On the contrary, if you are a woman with breasts that are bigger than she would like or than her body can cope with, your opinion of them might be quite different.

While many women are very happy with the size of their breasts, a large percentage are not. Some issues that women with larger breasts suffer from include;

  • Back, neck and shoulder problems due to extra stress on the spine.
  • Headaches
  • Poor posture resulting in nerve problems
  • Skin problems such as rashes beneath the breast
  • Painful marks from thick bra straps
  • Shortness of breath from carrying the weight of large breasts on their chest
  • Not being able to undertake certain exercises without pain or discomfort
  • Finding the bras they would like in the size they have been blessed with
  • Finding bathing suits that fit
  • Backless dresses can be difficult to wear

While some of the above issues are less medical and more ‘superficial’, they all impact on how a woman feels about herself. If you feel that your large ‘twin assets’ are too large for your body size and are considering a reduction, consider liposculpture.

Liposculpture of the female breast is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. Liposculpture is an ideal solution for women who would like to reduce the size of their breasts without having to undergo surgery or face the prospect of scarring. It also offers an option that does not require too much recovery time, and can remove between 30 and 50% of breast volume without having to go under general anaesthetic. Only local anaesthetic is required. The procedure itself takes just over 2 hours. Patients generally only require 2-3 days off work, with care being taken for around 3 weeks. Particular care must be taken with regard to rigorous exercise.

If you are considering if liposculpture is the right procedure for you, we hope the above information has helped.

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