Waist and Hips Liposuction

Waist Liposculpture

It is very common for many women to have a fullness through the waist, especially after having children. This can often lead to a bunching up of some skin into folds at this level and just below the bra strap area. As can be seen in the photo here, there is loss of definition of the waist, making the body outline look excessively flat. Liposculpture can dramatically improve this waist, reducing the waist measurement by several centimetres ( 5-7 would be average ) as well as significantly decreasing and sometimes removing completely the rolls of skin beneath the bra strap.

Look at the results…

Buying new clothes is easier (regular sizes fit) and clothes that had long since ceased to fit at all can now be worn again. Both of these women achieved at least a single size reduction over their waist and hips. Treatment of the waist area is often combined with treatment of the abdomen and/or the hips with dramatic improvements in shape. Often the skin folds can disappear completely.

Hips Liposculpture

The hips in many women can cause considerable problems. They can make the body outline appear quite square and old. Clothes tend to hang off the top of the hips and they can be much more difficult to hide under clothing than even the large saddlebags. “Muffin tops” above the tops of modern jeans can be just as much of a problem.

Combining treatment of the hips liposculpture and the waist liposculpture can turn a matronly figure into a much more youthful and aesthetic look. Here are a few examples of just what liposculpture can do to reduce the volume of the hips and improve their shape. Some women even have hips which seem to defy gravity, by bulging outwards before coming into the waist.