Torso Liposculpture

In many women, there is a fullness of the abdomen, hips and waist. This very commonly occurs after having children or may simply be the result of a genetic predisposition to lay down fat in these areas. This can make dressing difficult as clothes lack definition, there is no waist and often it is impossible to buy clothes that simply ‘fit”. The whole central section of the body is out of proportion. Torso Liposculpture can be used to sculpt the body…

  • Reduce the size of the abdomen
  • Bring the hips into proportion
  • Reduce the size of the waist (often by 5cm or more)

This can bring back a sense of balance to the torso which no amount of dieting or exercise can achieve. The body is less “square”, less tired and more energetic looking. At last it is possible to buy some clothes without having to hide bulges. A greater variety of clothes can be bought and worn without alteration.

The results are often dramatic and there can be a vast increase in comfort when bending or sitting as the midriff area is also removed.

Look at the results…