Neck and Facial Liposuction

Fullness in the neck and under the chin can be very resistant to dieting, and is surprisingly common even amongst young people. It can be hereditary and usually increases with age. Facial liposuction and liposculpture to the chin can greatly improve the look of the face, and even though only a small amount of fat is removed the improvement in appearance can be dramatic. Many people feel as though their face looks much younger after the treatment and friends and relatives comment on their rejuvenated appearance, not even realising that any procedure has been performed.

Look at the results…

Even if not much fatty tissue is removed with liposculpture and the skin of the neck appears loose, liposculpture will allow the skin to contract and so take on the shape of the jaw and the muscles of the neck.Jowls are small areas of fatty tissue in the lower part of the face just on the other side of the chin. It is possible to reduce or eliminate these areas by careful liposculpture to the face from the same small (2mm) incisions just below the jaw. The lower border of the face looks much cleaner adding to the rejuvenated look.