Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction For Women

Liposculpture to the female breast is an increasingly commonly performed procedure to achieve breast reduction. Many women are burdened by large breasts and complain of aching neck, back pain, neck pain and headache. Many women would love to decrease the size of these breasts to increase their level of comfort, but are unhappy to undergo surgery which would leave scars and possibly changed sensation to the nipple. They may not be able to afford the 4 weeks off work or normal lifestyle activities that conventional surgery could take. In contrast, with liposuction to the breasts, it is possible to return to work the day after surgery in many cases.

Look at the results…

Liposculpture provides an alternative. For women who are happy with the shape of their breasts and just want them smaller, between 30 and 50% of the volume of the breast can be removed by liposculpture, totally under local anaesthetic with mild sedation. The procedure takes one and a half to two hours and there is no loose skin over the breast, it feels much the same as prior to the surgery. In fact, there may be significant retraction of the skin, and elevation of the nipple by 2-3 cm (sometimes more ) is normal. Over the past 10 years over 500 women have undergone this procedure at the Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic and the results are consistently good.

Here is a typical situation in which liposuction of the breast can make a tremendous difference. The volumes of the breasts have been reduced by some 40%. The breasts appear natural, they are the same shape, but just a lot smaller. They no longer extend to the side of the body to the same extent. There has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of neck and shoulder pain.

Breast Reduction For Men

Liposculpture of the breast is the treatment of choice in the reduction of breast size and improvement in breast shape in men. Many men are often embarrassed by large or unusual shaped breasts which may appear feminine or unathletic. Often a dramatic change in size is achieved and it is possible to return to work the following day in most cases. 2 or 3 small access points are used in each breast and disappear quickly after the procedure.

Look at the results…

Larger volumes can be taken from the breast and to the side as appropriate. The result is the same, a more clean unbulky appearance. Even removal of relatively small volumes of fat and breast tissue from around the nipple and breast area generally can achieve dramatic results. Clothes can fit better, shirts fit more naturally. Quite often the fatty tissue extends around to the side of the chest as both here and below. This is removed at the same time, giving a truly natural looking chest.

Occasionally (approximately 1 in 20 cases), a small incision is needed to remove breast tissue from underneath the nipple. A few small sutures are positioned for ten days.