Arm Liposuction

For many women bulkiness of the upper arm can be quite distressing and arm liposuction can provide a great solution.Often the arm will rub when the arm swings while walking. It may be impossible to buy a jacket that fits and wearing an open sleeve dress or shirt may be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, upper arm liposculpture can solve these problems quickly and simply. Through two simple incisions in the elbow area, it is possible to reduce the fatty deposits in the arms while maintaining completely normal shape and function. Rarely is skin looseness a problem and no long incisions to remove skin are necessary. A small pad of fatty tissue sometimes bunches up where the arm meets the chest in front and this can be removed at the same time.

Look at the results…

A common concern for some people is just what happens to the “extra skin” after liposculpture. The body can dramatically reduce the surface area of the skin after liposculpture and a procedure to reduce skin further just is not necessary in all but exceptional circumstances. Even in people older than 50, loose skin is very rarely a problem. ( This lady is more than 60 years old.)The droopiness of the arm has been removed, but the shape of the arm remains natural.

Large volume reductions are possible and still maintain a natural “unoperated” look. In this case more than 400 ml has been removed from each arm and a dramatic improvement achieved.