Smoker's Lines

Smoker’s Lines are a misnomer

Anyone can get them. Smoker’s Lines are lines around the mouth and lips. They are more common in smokers as smokers use the mouth muscles to purse their lips and hold a cigarette in place. This causes a repetitive crinkling of the skin, wrinkling the skin from the lips to the surrounding skin. Also as people get older, the volume of the lips shrinks, especially the upper lip. Thin lips and smokers lines are definitely not a good look.

Yet there are many solutions. Volume loss of the lips can be improved with the use of filling agents Dermal fillers made of (complex sugar based molecules) are better for shaping the lip and plumping out the wrinkles in the skin at the same time. It is amazing how enhancing lip volume makes a dramatic appearance to the face. One to two syringes of filler usually works very well, though top ups are necessary to maintain the benefit.

When lines are very deep, injection of the orbicularis muscle close to the lips can be of benefit. Anti-wrinkle injections, exactly like those used in forehead and on frown lines work well to reduce muscle action and diminish lip wrinkling. These injections can be used at the same time as fillers for a complementary effect.

Deeper wrinkles and for people wishing for a result that will last many years should look at laser resurfacing. This technique, quite simply, sands the wrinkles away. The skin that regrows quickly over the abraded area is healthier, thicker and more resilient than the skin that has been removed. Most laser treatments have minimal downtime, but please discuss your treatment further with Jill.

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