Cosmetic & Skin Team

Jill St James

Jill St James

Specialist Cosmetic Injector, Owner and Founder of Moltobelle Pelle

Jill has been working in the cosmetic medical and surgical field for over 25 years, alongside leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons both in Australia and the UK. Her intense passion for anti-aging and facial rejuvenation has led her to become a highly Specialized Cosmetic Injector.

Jill attends many conferences and workshops both in Australia and overseas to keep up to date on all the latest techniques. With a large base of satisfied patients, Jill prides herself on her technique and her utmost care and understanding when dealing with her patients. She has depth of knowledge on all aspects of cosmetic procedures. Jill is very approachable and friendly and always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Jill has expertise and knowledge in the latest skin treatments and is a strong advocate against over treatment. She has a reputation for delivering very natural looking results that both rejuvenate and restore natural beauty. She treats a large number of celebrity clients who are very happy with their treatments and results.

All consultations are free and new clients booking in injectables, laser, Omnilux and skincare treatments will receive 10% off their first treatment.
On initial consultation Jill will discuss the best and most effective options for you both surgical and non surgical. She will provide you with a full analysis of the treatments that will be most cost effective and can be tailored to meet your budget and lifestyle.
Jill has a Degree in Health Sciences, a Certificate in Primary Skin Cancer Medicine and holds a government accredited laser/IPL certificate. She is a member of ACCS and APAN. She is also the owner and founder of Moltobelle Pelle.

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