Whichever area of your face it is that concerns you, whether it be forehead wrinkles, frown lines ,crows feet, deep lines between your eyes, lip wrinkles or all of the above, it’s something we all face.

Whether we like them or not (and let’s be honest – ‘not’ is much more often the case), they will eventually arrive, uninvited, into our lives with no intention of ever departing. It is a relief to many, then, that there are now so many options when it comes to cosmetic injectables and rejuvenation treatments.

Rather than waiting patiently for these signs of ‘so called wisdom’ to set in, more and more people are becoming more inclined to put up a ‘road block’ of sorts – to stop them from ever arriving.

It makes a lot of sense. Why would you wait for the enemy to invade your barracks if you had the means to stop them?

For the those in a position where wrinkles have not yet set in, it removes the notion of ‘turning back the clock’ and ‘rediscovering your youthful appearance,’ because they may never have to.

To a degree, what is being offered is the opportunity to almost stop the clock… Freeze time, by injecting problem areas with botox or similar products, limiting the overuse of muscles from early on, and consequently preventing the lines that appear as a result of that muscle overuse.

In 2006, an American study was conducted on identical twins. One twin was injected with botox regularly for 13 years and the other only twice at the 3 and 7 year marks of the study. The results supported the theory that injectables can prevent imprinted facial lines.

With studies such as this one and an increasing number of younger people opting for a preventative measure rather than a cure or treatment, the face of anti-wrinkle treatments is quite literally changing.

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