What it is and what it can do for you?

The Visible Line Rejuvenation or V2 injector gun is a device that allows a Beauty Booster containing Redensity (a unique hyaluronic acid that hydrates and repairs the skin) to be applied to the skin. It is an exciting application method for cosmetic practitioners and it allows them to apply the dose with precision and accuracy.

As the name implies, the V2 Injector gun works by using multiple needles (9 points for the face and 5 points for the hands) to inject the beauty booster into the patient’s desired location. The use of multiple needles as opposed to a single needle, means that the procedure is faster and can seem less painful as the multiple needles essentially feel like one ‘zap’ and not 9 or 5 separate injections.

Another way that the V2 Injector improves comfort is by way of its ability to apply in built suction to the skin before each injection. This decreases sensation and the prominence of veins making the injections themselves feel less painful.

This device and the hyaluronic acid that hydrates and repair skin combine forces with the aim of achieving a more youthful, more voluptuous facial appearance. It is also great news to many that this treatment is also available for the neck area, which, in the past, has been a notoriously more difficult area to treat.

The team at Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic are thrilled to now have the V2 injector gun in their range of services and are equally as excited about being able to offer patients a rejuvenating, beauty boosting treatment that was previously unavailable.

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