Varicose Veins Are a Big Problem

If you have varicose veins in Sydney, you are probably interested in learning how to get rid of them. They can look different ways, but they all look odd and may cause you to dislike wearing shorts or skirts. Varicose veins can be anywhere on the leg, but they generally occur behind the knee or on the outer thigh.

There are different types of varicose veins; the first type is spider veins. These are the smallest of these veins, and they get their name because they look like small spider webs, branching off from a central point. This central point is usually a set of venulectasias, which are slightly larger veins that are in a group. The spider veins spike off of these.

Another kind of varicose vein is the reticular vein. These are generally found right under the surface of your skin and are large dark blue vessels. Sometimes, these veins look like they are travelling down the leg, such as a river or stream might.

There are veins that are called varicose veins, as well. These are larger than the reticular veins and can be a normal colour or blue, when close to the skin. These can look ropey and may come from the groin and flow down under the knee. These are considered dangerous to the health because they can cause pressure problems for small veins, which cause pain.

Having varicose veins in Sydney is a problem, but it is possible to reverse the action and have nicer looking and healthier legs.