Learn about Varicose Vein Treatment in NSW

Varicose vein treatment in NSW is important for those with these types of veins. They can be harmful to people and are unsightly, so treating them is imperative.

Treatment for small veins can be done using Sclerotherapy, either with or without an ultrasound. These are considered a non-surgical treatment to remove these veins.

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of special solution that has been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration directly into the vein. This solution will force the vein walls to stick together and will block blood flow. This will not interrupt blood flow to the heart, but will stop the varicose vein from being an issue. When an ultrasound is used with the Sclerotherapy, this helps guide the needle to the appropriate place, which means treatment is more accurate, and smaller doses of the injection solution are needed.

Another option for Sclerotherapy includes the use of foam instead of the special solution. The same process is used as with regular Sclerotherapy, but the foam can treat a larger segment of vein, which takes less time and fewer treatments for the patient.

One last procedure that can help with varicose veins includes the Endovenous Laser Ablation. This procedure is surgical and is used for large veins, over six millimetres. This is done by using a thin laser fibre. The fibre is passed through a needle and into the vein. The laser machine will then remove the fibre slowly, welding shut the vein permanently. This procedure is instantaneous and just one varicose vein treatment in NSW.