Remove Unwanted Varicose Veins

The varicose vein laser treatment in NSW comes highly recommended because it takes only a few minutes and the end result is generally permanent.

Varicose veins are unsightly splotches on the legs that can cause embarrassment in women. These veins have burst and are no longer usable to the body; they just continue to have blood in them. There are some physical dangers to having these on the body as well, including blood clots, so it is important to have them removed when possible.

Small veins can use a non-invasive procedure, but larger veins, those larger than six millimetres, should use a laser for removal. The process is considered surgical because local anaesthetic is used, but it is very minimal, and the effects are permanent.

A doctor will give local anaesthetic to the patient at the site where the needle will be placed. A small needle is put into the vein and then the laser is placed through the needle. After a little more local anaesthetic, the laser machine is turned on. The laser machine slowly removes the laser from the needle, thus collapsing the vein and making it disappear. The entire process will last approximately 40 minutes because once the vein is closed (in about four minutes); another process is used to close the veins in the lower leg. This is called an ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, which closes small veins.

The varicose vein laser treatment in NSW is considered a great tool to removing large and small varicose veins in one sitting.