Spider Vein Treatment

Tiny varicose veins are called spider veins, and you can get spider vein treatment in Sydney. Most women dislike spider veins because they occur on the legs, usually on the outer thigh or the inside of the knee. These are tiny, but they can branch out, making legs look bad. Many women enjoy wearing skirts or shorts in warm weather but are afraid to do this when they have spider veins.

In many cases, spider veins are caused from poor diet or little exercise. However, sun exposure and age can also cause these veins to pop up on the legs.

Treating these spider veins can be quite simple. Because they are so small, surgical treatments are not needed. A tiny needle is used to close the veins. The process is called microsclerotherapy. A sclerosant foam or liquid is placed into the syringe, and the needle is then inserted into the vein. Usually a magnifying light is used to ensure correct placement of the needle and veins. The solution is then injected into the vein, causing it to swell and close. This procedure is considered the best treatment for spider veins.

In past years, vascular laser had been used for spider veins; it did work well on the face, but there are bigger pressures in the leg, which caused it not to be as effective. Therefore, this process is no longer used at treatment centres such as the Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic, who is able to provide spider vein treatment in Sydney.