What is Spider Vein Treatment in NSW?

Spider vein treatment in NSW is a way to remove those tiny unsightly veins from the legs, especially in the area of the outer thigh and behind the knee. They get their name because they look like tiny spider webs, branching out from the middle.

Spider veins are tiny veins that look a little bit blue and red. These veins no longer work because their valves have stopped working, causing blood to fall backwards. They are a version of varicose veins and are a big concern for women because of the way the legs look with these veins.

These can be corrected using a non-invasive procedure called microsclerotherapy. This treatment uses a special liquid or foam. The liquid/foam is placed into a very small needle; the needle is then inserted into the vein and the liquid/foam is put into the vein. This process causes the spider vein to close automatically by producing irritation to the vein. Generally a magnifying light is used to help find the vessels easier. The amount of spider veins you have will determine how many treatments you will need. This technique is proven to remove spider veins from legs and other areas of the body.

The Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic uses a Polidocanol foam in one percent to treat spider and other small varicose veins. It was developed to be a local anaesthetic, but is now only used for spider veins because it is less painful than others and provides less chance for a skin ulceration, so consider them for your spider vein treatment in NSW.