What is Sclerotherapy Treatment in Sydney?

Sclerotherapy treatment in Sydney is a process of removing varicose veins that works extremely well for small veins. This type of therapy is non-surgical and is internationally recognised as a form of treatment. There are two types, which include regular and foam Sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy, also known as microsclerotherapy, involves a special kind of solution that is injected directly into the vein. This solution irritates the wall of the vein and causes it to stick together. This blocks the blood from entering and shuts down the vein. The blood flow loss will not hurt the body in any way.

Foam Sclerotherapy has the same process as regular Sclerotherapy, but it involves specialised foam. The foam causes the vein to contract, and it works better than the regular liquid process because a larger section can be treated, which is more efficient.

Both types of Sclerotherapy involve using an ultrasound. This allows the doctor to guide the small needle into the vein properly. It allows a smaller dose of the solution to be used, as well, which means lower cost of treatment for the patient.

Doctors will be able to determine the appropriate form of Sclerotherapy for your small varicose veins. Sclerotherapy treatment is generally only used for veins that are smaller than six millimetres; those that are larger than this must use surgical treatment.

In general, the amount of foam or liquid that can be used per day (the safest amount) is 15 ml; this means that more than one treatment may be necessary to complete the removal, but Sclerotherapy treatment in Sydney is still a great way to remove varicose veins.