Sclerotherapy For Healthier Legs

Varicose veins look bad and can cause problems, but Sclerotherapy in NSW can help legs be restored to their former beauty.

Microsclerotherapy treats spider veins and other small veins with the use of a sclerosant foam or liquid. A fine point needle is filled with the sclerosant fluid and is injected into the tiny vein. Once this is complete, it helps to seal up the vein, so they do not cause any more problems or lines. This is a proven technique to remove the varicose veins and works extremely well.

Polidocanol one percent foam is used at Crows Nest & Vein Clinic for small spider veins. It was previously used as a local anaesthetic, but now is only used to treat spider and other small varicose veins. It is less painful than hypertonic saline and also produces less skin ulceration. FibroVein sclerosant had been used previously, but it caused more inflammation than Polidocoanol.

Polidocanol foam has an upper limit of 15ml per day, meaning that is the highest amount that can be injected per day. The amount of appointments needed to complete the removal of the spider vein will be based on the amount of foam needed to remove them. The average person needs one to two microsclerotherapy sessions per leg.

There is not much downtime associated with the procedure, but compression stockings must be work and it will take six to eight weeks to determine if more sessions of Sclerotherapy in NSW will be needed.