Benefits of Lip Enhancement

Lips should always be supple and full, which is why many people turn to lip enhancement in North Sydney. As people age, they can find lines at the corners of the mouth and that their lips start looking thinner. This is a common problem for both men and women, but lip enhancement can correct these negative features and allow the face to look young and vibrant.

This procedure works well to reduce wrinkles in and around the mouth, including lips. Lip enhancement cosmetic surgery can also help reshape facial contours to provide a more smooth and even look, and can augment the lips to look fuller and more pleasing to the eye.

During the procedure, hyaluronic gel is injected into the skin around the lips in very small doses. Typical gels used include in this procedure are Juvederm and Restylane. This process produces a natural enhancement that is long lasting and gentle for the skin. This procedure is not permanent and the length of time between procedures can vary depending on the age and structure of the skin. Generally speaking, results can last between six and 18 months on average. Touch-up procedures can then be performed as necessary to maintain the desired enhanced look.

Treatment usually lasts 30 minutes and the results are immediate. There could however, be slight bruising at the site of injection or tenderness, as well as redness and swelling. These usually stop after one or two days. After receiving the treatment, people are still able to go back to work or run errands as they normally would.

Lip enhancement procedures are becoming a very popular form of cosmetic surgery in North Sydney. They are a great way to enhance lips and reduce wrinkles.