What Types of Laser Vein Treatments Are Available?

Generally, there is only one type of laser vein treatment in Sydney, called Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA). For most people, ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy can be used, but there is a chance that the veins will reopen or reform. This may not be a good choice for large veins, those over six millimetres. In cases where the vein should not be reopened due to health concerns, the EVLA can be used. This is a permanent solution and the vein will not be able to reopen as it will be welded shut and will fade over time.

A Cooltouch Endovenous Laser is the preferred laser for many treatment centers because it heats the vein wall, which destroys it. A 1320nm beam of laser light is absorbed by water that sits in the cells of the vein wall. The laser generally only damages a small amount of the wall of the vein, but closes off the vein, and it will be instantaneously destroyed. The use of these laser types causes less pain and bruising for patients, which is extremely helpful to many.

Laser therapy only works for straight veins, as the procedure involves using a needle and then threading a laser fibre through the needle far into the vein. Once the local anaesthetic has been used, the laser machine is turned on. The laser machine retracts automatically at one millimetre per second. This closes the vein permanently and instantly, which is why laser vein treatments in Sydney are popular.