Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

Laser skin resurfacing at Crows Nest Cosmetic & Vein Clinic is a popular and quick procedure to reduce the look of wrinkles and deep or fine lines. It is also helpful at removing skin pigmentation, acne scarring, freckles and stretch marks.

The procedure will start with placing goggles or shields over the eyes to protect them from the laser light. A laser will then scan the skin being treated and will then remove the layer or layers of skin; sometimes, more than one layer of skin must be removed to show improvement of scarring or skin pigmentation. This can take about an hour, depending on the treatment.

When the laser treatment is finished, skin products will be given to you; follow all the directions from your doctor, including when and how much to use. These products are extremely important to reduce the infection risk and provide a quicker healing time.

The skin will be very sensitive to touch and ultra violet lighting as it starts to regrow. The doctor will warn you to keep skin covered and use sunscreen when outside even a few moments.

Redness and swelling will occur after treatment and can last for three weeks. This is due to the sloughing off of skin and the irritation it can cause. Certain products can help this clear up sooner, so make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Laser skin resurfacing at Crows Nest is a safe way to reduce wrinkles and clear up other problem areas on the face.