Learn About Laser Skin Resurfacing

For those people with stretch marks, freckles, acne scarring, or skin pigmentation problems, laser skin resurfacing in Chatswood may be able to remove or reduce damage to the skin caused by these problems. Laser resurfacing can also work well for removing lines or wrinkles.

Men and women can benefit from this procedure, and it is available for most all skin types.

The procedure is fairly easy, but it does require local anaesthetic and goggles to be worn over the eyes. A laser will be focused on the appropriate areas of the skin and will scan and remove the outer skin layer, or multiple layers, depending on the depth of the procedure; this can take up to an hour to complete.

After the procedure, special skin products will be provided in most cases. Other times, a list of required products will be given to the patient for purchase elsewhere. These products should be used as directed on the package or by the doctor. These will help reduce swelling and redness, minimise risk of infection, and help healing time, which can be a few days.

While the skin is regrowing, it will be extremely sensitive to UV light. It is important to wear sunscreen or cover the face completely while outside, even on cloudy or rainy days, and even if the exposure will be only a few seconds; otherwise swelling and redness can return.

Makeup and other products should not be used on the new skin for up to three weeks; the doctor will tell you how long to wait after using laser skin resurfacing in Chatswood.