Vasectomy is a very common procedure undertaken by men who no longer wish to be able to make a woman pregnant. It is a form of permanent birth control, and is more affordable and considered to be much safer than tubal ligation is for a woman.

According to Medicare, at least twenty-one thousand men in Australia have a vasectomy each year.

Many men are very concerned about the vasectomy pain that may be associated with having the procedure. You need to understand that with the most modern medical techniques and expertise, vasectomy does not need to be painful and recovery can be remarkably fast.

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a form of male sterilisation. It is a surgical procedure that permanently protects against pregnancy. Performed by a doctor in their office, clinic or in hospital, it involves cutting or blocking off the vas deferens, which are the tubes in the scrotum that carry sperm from the testicles outside the body. This means that your semen will no longer contain sperm – the sperm cells will instead remain in the testicles and be reabsorbed by your body. Your experience of orgasm and ejaculation will feel no different after a vasectomy, and your semen will still feel, look, and taste the same.

A day-only procedure, vasectomy is very quick to perform. While sterility is not instantaneous after a vasectomy, the end result is almost 100% protection against pregnancy.

In most cases, a vasectomy cannot be reversed. You should only opt for a vasectomy if you are certain you no longer wish to be able to get someone pregnant for the rest of your life.

Are Vasectomies Painful?

Traditionally, a vasectomy involves making surgical incisions with a scalpel into the scrotum to cut off the vas deferens. Two small cuts are made into the skin of the scrotum, then the vas deferens are exposed to be cut or blocked/tied off. The cuts in the scrotum are then stitched.

Your doctor will make the experience of having a vasectomy as comfortable as possible. There is some discomfort associated with the procedure and its recovery, and some swelling or bruising and slight pain may be associated with the procedure. You can alleviate this by wearing snug underwear, icing your genitals, and taking over-the-counter pain medication. You’ll also need to rest for a few days.

The only potential long-term complication of vasectomy is Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. This is a complex condition. By having a vasectomy performed using the Non-Scalpel Open-Ended Vasectomy technique, the likelihood of developing this syndrome is dramatically reduced.

Non-Scalpel Open-Ended Vasectomy

Your doctor will make a single tiny puncture or hole on the scrotum to access both vas deferens tubes. There are no cuts with a scalpel and no stitches, and the tubes are tied, blocked, or cauterised quickly.

This no-cut form of vasectomy is the latest in advanced surgical techniques and carries a much lower risk of infection, pain, bleeding, bruising, and other complications associated with vasectomy. It also, in most cases, takes a much shorter time to heal than traditional vasectomy technique.

Most people require only a couple of days of rest to recover from a vasectomy, especially with the no-cut technique. You just need to avoid exercise and hard physical work for a week. You can usually resume sexual activity after a few days to a week – but remember that pregnancy won’t be prevented for about three months.

Vasectomy at Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic

Sydney Vasectomy Clinic operates out of Crows Nest Cosmetic and Vein Clinic, centrally located in Crows Nest (North Sydney). Performed by Dr Mark Elvy, we specialise exclusively in Non-Scalpel Open-Ended Vasectomy which is the gold-standard option for prevention of vasectomy pain. Dr Elvy has performed more than 6500 of these minimally-invasive vasectomies and he trains medical students as well as qualified doctors in this procedure.

We have a dedicated surgical operating room and day recovery. All vasectomies are carried out on an outpatient, single-day basis and under light sedation. We operate on Fridays for your convenience and there is no GP referral or fasting required.

To learn more about Sydney Vasectomy Clinic, visit our website here.

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